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Commercial Real Estate Investment Services

We provide Commercial Real Estate Services to  commercial real estate investors, including developers, REITs, individuals, and other investment groups.  The services provide you with an arsenal of analytical and decision making tools needed to make a good investment decision.  DRE Investor  Services cover areas of:
Acquisitions |  Dispositions  | Due Diligence  | Underwriting |  Commercial Property Appraisal  | Feasibility Studies  | Marketability Studies | Property Marketing,  etc.

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GENERAL   PARTNER   SERVICES            from

 DRE Investment Real Estate Dealers


  • Identifying and Analyzing Investment Opportunities
    see investment properties
  • Preliminary Due Diligence (see Property Report)
  • Financial Modeling helps you analyze different cash flow scenarios for our portfolio  ($199 and up)

  • LOI Services - The Letter Of Intent is a faster and easier way to get control over a deal without using your money  - starting at $199
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Commercial Mortgage Services (standard 1% fee)
  • Acquisition (standard 3% Acquisition fee on most deals)
  • Wholesale Services     (wholesale fee applicable)

  • Management Planning
  • Property Marketing to increase Occupancy and Tenant Retention

  • Asset Marketing to increase Exposure and Value to your Disposition
  • Disposition (disposition fee)


    Commercial Property
     Evaluation Report

    as low as $166 per report

    PRE-ACQUISITION SERVICE: An in-depth Performance Report containing a professional evaluation of Commercial Property being considered for Investment... includes the following (as applicable):

    • Preliminary Due Diligence - a detailed examination of the subject propertyís Market, Financial, Tenant, and Physical attributes
    • Market Research
    • Timely analysis for acquisition decision-making

    Feasibility Study

    PRE-ACQUISITION SERVICE:   DRE analyzes the likelihood that a proposed real estate project will fulfill your investment objectives.

    Real estate market feasibility studies that examine market indicators and property metrics to create a comprehensive assessment that can include market rent studies, highest and best use analysis, operating expense analysis, construction cost analysis and capitalization.

    Commercial Real Estate Finance

    standard 1% fee on most loans

    ACQUISITION SERVICE: Get Financing for your next Commercial Real Estate Project. 
    Get the money you need to close the deal or Refinance your current project with
    DRE Commercial Real Estate Financing.  We can give you access to financing from a wide variety of lending sources in order to quickly capitalize on opportunities.

    Commercial Property Appraisal
    Invest and seek funding with confidence by making sure of the subject propertyís value.
      Do you need to know the value of your prospective investment property? DRE can give you a valuation of your property

    ACQUISITION SERVICE: Our commercial property valuation reports will tell you the estimated value of a commercial property based on the amount of income it produces. We use the same mathematical equation the major lending institutions use when evaluating how much they are willing to loan on a commercial property.

    DRE Letter Of Intent Service
    LOIs are critical if you want to get your offers accepted to purchase investment commercial real estate.

    starting at $299

    ACQUISITION SERVICE: LOI Services - DRE will draft you a Letter Of Intent.  The LOI is a faster and easier way to get control over a deal without using your money.
    Using a Letter of Intent that is professionally crafted and includes important information before going to contract can save you time, money, and get your offers accepted.

    DRE Asset Marketing Service
    For your Disposition needs, DRE provides commercial real estate marketing solutions.

    DISPOSITION SERVICE:   Our innovative platform generates custom Asset Presentations.  DRE creates visually compelling commercial real estate marketing presentations to procure interest and effect Disposition.  Including:

    • Microsites to provide professional marketing for all of your commercial real estate listings
    • Marketing  / PDF brochures for clients
    • Marketing to the DRE Investor Network of Commercial Real Estate Investment Professionals



    The DRE Investor NETWORK

    We network with over 40,000 commercial real estate investors and 125,000 brokers, lenders, and service providers to receive investment opportunities and exchange information every day.


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    TRENDING:  ACQUISITIONS and DISPOSITIONSCommercial Real Estate Forecast Update: 2013-2014

    M a r k e t    T a l k


    Financial analysis is one of the strongest skill sets that any real estate professional can have, and an acquisitions/dispositions specialist requires mastery of this skill. It is said that ďall the money is made on the buyĒ in real estate, and these specialists will continue to be crucial in extracting the maximum value from a transaction. Real estate acquisitions/dispositions specialists will play a major role in the coming years as several owners, developers, and financial institutions look to either acquire or relinquish discounted and distressed assets. These specialists will be crucial in the success or failure of companies that have been hurt by the financial downturn. Looking further into the coming years, as capital becomes available again and as real estate continues to move toward being a transaction oriented business with real estate securities and REITs increasing liquidity in the real estate market, acquisition/disposition specialists will be called up on to analyze, valuate, and negotiate deals more frequently.
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    According to Forbes.com
    Bill Conerly, Contributor2/21/2013

    Commercial Real Estate Forecast Update: 2013-2014

    Commercial real estate continues to improve at a moderate pace, much in line with our previous forecast update from six months ago.
    The office market enjoyed ď11 consecutive quarters of occupancy growth and eight straight quarters of rent increases,Ē according to the Jones Lang LaSalle firm. The length of the expansion is more noticeable than the strength of the expansion. REIS Inc. reported national figures for office vacancy that are only slightly lower than a year ago. Jones Lang LaSalle also reported that most of the improvement is in Class A space, which confirms the anecdotes Iíve been hearing as I travel around the country: the only challenge for tenants is finding large contiguous Class A spaces in downtown areas. DeLoitteís annual commercial real estate survey notes low construction levels in office space, which should bode well for landlordsí future occupancy and rent rates.

    Before we get too overjoyed, note the limiting factors on the office rebound. First, the pace of economic growth is subdued, with a risk of recession large enough to demand concern. Second, high tech is a growing element of office occupancy. The software industryís preference for putting many programmers in one large room cuts the square footage per worker. It may not be justified on productivity grounds, but the open workspace concept is so established in the software industry that itís not going away any time soon.

    Industrial space is starting to expand, with more new deliveries than in recent years. Industrial typically has the shortest development and construction periods and thus is the first sector to complete new projects when the market improves. This trait means that vacancy rates will not fall too far, nor will rents rise too fast. Still, increased volume of rented space will help the large landlords improve their efficiency, though it does little for owners of one or two properties who must compete in a market with growing supply.

    Retail space is seeing more absorption than construction, but thereís plenty to worry about. Retail spending has only increased 4.4 percent in the past 12 months; a year ago we saw a 6.2 percent gain, and a year before that a 7.8 percent increase. Our recent figure is certainly an increase, but not terribly fast, especially in light of two percent inflation. Looking forward, the end of the temporary payroll tax cut will pinch a number of wallets.

    On the positive side for property owners is the extremely low interest rate for
    commercial mortgages. Those owners who qualify pay so little interest that itís almost free. Others, however, still have some difficulty obtaining cheap financing.

    Investor interest has been strong, but the recent stock market surge may shift some money away from real estate into stocks. Itís certainly foolish to invest for the future based on recent gains or losses, but that is what many investors seem to do. In the coming year itís unlikely that prices of commercial properties who show a strong upward trend. Light to moderate gains are likely, but price risk is greater on the downside than the upside.

    For contractors itching to erect some buildings, the best opportunities last year were in multi-family residential. This year single family residential and industrial offer the best gains. Next year and in 2014, look for retail then office construction at the top of the leaderboard.

    The greatest economic risk for commercial property owners is recession. The Wall Street Journalís most recent survey of economic forecasters shows a 17 percent risk of recession. I am at 20 percent, but whatís a few percentage points among friends? The most likely trigger for a recession this year would be a worsening of Europeís financial crisis. The Continent had been in a mild recession, then last quarter it turned decidedly ugly. If bond defaults or bank failures begin, the Europeís economy would turn down, with ripple effects triggering an American recession. Most likely that will not happen, but nobody can be sure.

    Given this risk, it may be better to sign a long-term lease at a low rental rate than to hold out for a premium rent in a year or two. Holding out for a better rent will probably work outóbut probably is not the same as certainly.
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