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The DRE Investment Property Report

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INVESTMENT Property Reports
List Properties - Now/Later

…Full of dynamic information for the Investment Professional and part of your Preliminary Due Diligence Package

Providing essential information regarding your investment property's performance in an actual and/or , proforma analysis, as well as the critical future projection of your asset's performance over a given  duration of time.

Facts, fiction, information, analysis vitally necessary for
sound decision-making


CONTENTS of The Investment Property Report: 

1. Property Information
     Property specifications including square footage, floorplans, location, market, financials, etc.

2. Preliminary Due Diligence
We will verify the information you need to make informed decisions about your next investment.  Including: Market Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence, Tenant Due Diligence, and Physical Due Diligence

3.   Investment Analysis including:
Performance Measurements and Analysis

Net Income Return on Investment

Capitalization Ratio

Cash Return on Investment

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Total Return on Investment

Cross Rent Multiplier

Net Operating Income

Break-Even Ratio

as applicable

 ......An appraisal of Income Property relying on a  strong emphasis of the Income Capitalization Method to valuation

......Analysis of Performance over time utilizing various tools as IRR and Net Present Value analysis

 To get an Investment Property Report on a potential investment property, simply fill in the form on our Investment Property page or  contact us at or 713-370-4002.

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DRE Investment Property Report

Essential Information
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If you are interested in any of the DRE Deals, we will provide you with our confidential analysis and comprehensive market research reports that will help you seize a great opportunities and capitalize on them!

We’ve done the work for you! With superior market intelligence you will make great decisions and mazimize profitability.



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