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Get the financing you need to close the deal with DRE Commercial Real Estate Financing.  We have the experience, skills, & lender relationships to successfully close loans nationwide.
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DRE Commercial Mortgage Brokers are Real Estate Finance  professionals giving  Investors, Groups, REITS, and organizations the edge in achieving their organizational capital objectives through our extensive lending network of financial institutions and our Loan Request Submission strategy.

We work with various Property Types and various Lender Sources.
Complete the simple form to the right to get started getting the financing you need for your real estate project.  Whether you need to quickly and confidently arrange acquisition financing, recapitalize your asset, refinance, raise cash for your development, or secure funding , we can help you get the financing you need.

We can give you access to financing from a wide variety of lending sources in order to quickly capitalize on opportunities.  Start Now... simply complete the quick form here.

DRE Commercial Real Estate Financing has access to hundreds of commercial lending sources and their programs and have established relationships to get you to the financing that fits your needsThe DRE  loan submission system makes it easier for you to get a loan.  We pre-underwrite your loan package to make it easier for lenders to consider  your real estate project over others.  We package and present your loan requests strategically and effectively to give you the best chance to get the funding you need.

You’ll benefit from our  “matchmaking” ability as we identify prequalified capital sources for you, then create competition for the best possible pricing and deal structure.

For more information, contact one of our financing specialists at DRE Commercial Mortgage Brokers  at  loans@TheRealEstateDealers.com

We can help you get the financing you need.
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Commercial Lender


  • Portfolio Lenders
  • Commercial Banks
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • CMBS Conduit Lenders
  • Private/Hard Money Lenders
  • Sub-Prime Lenders
  • Government

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of Real Estate Terms

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    • Apartments
    • Low Income Apartments
    • Student Apartments
    • Senior Apartments
    • Condominums (Condos)
    • Strip Center
    • Shopping Mall
    • Outlet Mall
    • Strip Mall
    • Free Standing Retail
    • Single Tenant Office Building
    • Hi-Rise Tower Office Building
    • Mid-Rise Office Building
    • Office Over Retail Building
    • Hospital
    • Assisted Care Facility
    • Nursing Home

• Restaurants
• NNN / 1031
• Heavy Manufacturing
• Light Manufacturing
• Warehouse
• Distribution
• Multi-Tenant Industrial
• Self Storage
• Mini Storage
• Hotel
• Motel
• Gas Station
• Manufactured Housing Park (Mobile Home Park)
• Bare Land/Raw Land
• Mixed Use
• Single Use
• Flex Space
• Church



  • Acquisition Loans
  • Mezzanine
  • Conduit Loans
  • Private Placements
  • Bridge Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Interim Financing
  • Lines of Credit
  • Permanent  Loans
  • Refinance
  • Hard Money Available
  • Investor Loans for Single Family Property Investors

Definition of

Loan Types

Purchase/Acquisition  Loan 
A loan for the primary purpose of the acquisition of a property.

Development Loan
A loan that funds the installation of infrastructure and/or legal subdivision of one or more parcels of land.

Acquisition & Development Loans
A loan used to acquire property, as well as develop it.

Asset Based Loan
A loan used for any purpose and collateral is put up for security.

Bridge Loan
A loan used for a brief period of time until permanent financing is set into place. Bridge loans are a good temporary fix to an acquisition or business adventure, because they allow a borrower to act fast. These types of loans can be used for buy outs, foreclosures, and construction purposes.

Consolidations of Debt Loan
A loan that can offer lower monthly payments by consolidating the debts into one loan and making one payment.

Construction Loan
A loan that allows the borrower to build, expand, rehabilitate, or reposition a property. As such, these are short-term loans, generally with a maximum 2 year term.

Subdivision Loan
The process of partitioning a larger piece of land into smaller parcels, a process that usually involves installation of roads and utilities for access to and from the smaller parcels. A loan made for subdivision (or land development) purposes will often also fund construction of houses on the new parcels.

Refinance Loan
The process of paying off one loan with the proceeds from a new loan secured by the same property.

Subordinate/Equity/Cash-Out Loan
A loan secured by a lien in a subordinate position.




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of The DRE Loan Request Submission Strategy

  • A Professionally underwritten loan package gets the immediate attention of the lenders
  •  It is easier for a Lender to analyze and it speeds up the process
  • It illustrates your attention to detail and illustrates that you have given great thought and consideration about your project
  • It makes your negotiations with the Lender easier because all of the information the Lender needs is available
  •  Our pre underwritten proposal loan package identifies you as a serious borrower
  • It separates you from all your competition and puts your loan in the front of all the other projects that are not underwritten.
  • You only get one time to make a first impression

Make it with DRE Commercial Mortgage Brokers
Complete the simple form above to get started getting the financing you need for your real estate project.


What information do you need to provide for your
Loan Request?  See Below.

(Download this Checklist)

The List below outlines the information and documentation required by most lenders in order to underwrite your loan request. We work with you, providing the necessary forms, etc. - to put this all together.

  • Detailed Property Description
  • Digital Photos of Property
  • Current Rent Rolls
  • Purchase contract and latest closing date, if applicable
  • Summary of all commercial leases (if any), showing escalations & expirations
  • 2 to 3 years income tax and financial statements, depending upon lender
  • Year-to-date profit & loss and balance statement
  • Personal financial statements for each borrower
  • Projected cash flow statements for next 12 months
  • Pro forma for next 12 months / length of loan
  • Bios on all principals describing commercial real estate experience
  • Collateral sheet
  • Well written business plan ( if new business )
  • Signed Fee agreement between broker and borrower
  • Site Plan or Property Survey, if available
  • Evidence of Zoning, conforming or non-conforming use
  • Environmental Questionnaire


 Frequently Asked Questions
of Real Estate Terms


Commercial Mortgage Loan Rates

The rates above are intended for prequalification/scoping purposes only and are not a commitment.


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